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A photo and video production company in New Zealand.
We provide our services in all part of New Zealand. We are focused on providing Photos and Videos with affordable options. 
Our story actually begins with YOU – the people we photograph. We both started as wedding photographers over 15 years ago, but then something incredible happened. Over the years, couples returned for anniversary, maternity, and family portraits, and we loved staying in touch with our friends so much that we kept it up.
Soon, we realized our passion wasn’t just for wedding photography (although it’s certainly part of it) – our passion is for the beautiful people we photograph. Now, as “lifetime photographers,” it’s an honor to continue photographing each couple’s unique story as it unfolds.
We excel in real-life photography so you can have the stunning images you deserve. Let us know what you have in mind – we look forward to meeting you! What are you waiting for? Let’s connect!

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We offer a package for every budget, talk to us.
In our company, money is not genuine and we think of filming your life story first

We are one of the eight leaders in the wedding market, according to reputable New Zealand reference: "My Wedding Guide"
We are the first choice and offer in Bark

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We are fully acquainted with most wedding venues and provide you with the best photos and video