We believe in our customers and we have defined our working relationships based on friendship and respect between human beings.

Please pay attention

  • The basis of our company and customer agreement is our packages and we send it to all customers before the final agreement, also we have asked the visitors of our packages page to read the terms of trade with us.
  • Receiving an email with an attached invoice or contract and prepaying (deposit) by the customer is equal to confirming the invoice or contract sent by us.
  • Customers have the right to request a receipt and their screenshot of their payment will be a receipt which we send them.
  • If our customers are in touch with us via email, Facebook or SMS or any other platform, it means that we can continue to communicate with them. The customer can not complain or object to us without prior notice or at the time of our pursuit to pay the customer’s debt.
  • Advance payment is non-refundable and we decide on canceled items in special circumstances and based on customer discussions.
    The reason for not paying in advance is the security of the customers in booking the wedding day and we do not accept any other booking with us

What happens if the customer does not pay the amount agreed in the contract or invoice?

If the Invoice or Contract payment unpaid after 7 days we will send first Reminder Notice, if unpaid after 3 days, we will send an additional Reminder Notice (Final).
If you are issued a second (Final Notice) and you do not pay the sum specified there in within 4 days of issue of the Final Notice, then debt collection proceedings will commence and further costs will be incurred, including any tribunal costs incurred by us in enforcing payment of the monies owing by you.